CCI develops working models and demonstration projects that are replicable, scalable and broadly applicable to addressing climate change, seeking solutions that promise environmental, economic and social equity benefits. Some CCI programs and projects are fully managed and operated by Carbon Cycle Institute staff, contractors and consultants. In other cases, CCI partners with government agencies, businesses or other nonprofit organizations to advance its mission. These partnerships may involve shared program management as well as nonexclusive licensing and right-of-use agreements.

Our current projects and programs include Agricultural Carbon and Carbon Cycle Literacy. Current CCI strategic partners include Fibershed , Resource Conservation Districts, the California Association of Resource Conservation Districts and Marin Carbon Project.

Our Working Model

CCI focuses on early research and development of promising carbon cycle solutions, starting with proof of concept followed by an assessment of the opportunities and barriers involved in bringing them to scale. To extend our organizational reach and lay a path for future implementation, CCI proactively develops partnerships with existing organizations and infrastructure to prove the efficacy of these solutions, and then launches them to scale through a combination of education, engineering and organizing/advocacy work. In addition to our advancement of effective carbon cycle solutions, CCI works continuously to deliver training and educational programs that foster carbon literacy among farmers and ranchers, policy makers, thought leaders and the general public; and proactively supports community and national policies that promote carbon stewardship.



CARBON CYCLE SOLUTIONS are working models of alternative practices and economic value chains that can produce food, fiber, flora or fuel in carbon-beneficial ways. CCI programs and strategic partners providing carbon cycle solutions include Agricultural Carbon, the Marin Carbon Project, and Fibershed.

FOUNDATIONAL SOLUTIONS are enabling technologies and efforts that support multiple carbon cycle solutions. CCI’s core foundational solution is Carbon Cycle Literacy.