CCI develops working models that are replicable and scalable to address climate change while producing environmental, economic and social equity benefits. Some CCI programs and projects are fully managed and operated by CCI staff, contractors and consultants. In other cases, CCI partners with government agencies, academic institutions, businesses, and mission-aligned organizations to advance its work. Within California, CCI is actively involved in policy development at the local and state levels and helps build coalitions to advance land-based climate solutions in the public sector.

Strategic Partners

Carbon cycle solutions are working models of practices and economic value chains that can produce food, fiber, flora or fuel in climate-beneficial ways. CCI strategic partners include Conservation Districts, USDA NRCS, the Marin Carbon Project, Fibershed, the Colorado State University COMET Team, the Chico State University Center for Regenerative Agriculture and Resilient Systems, and the California Polytechnic State University Center for Sustainability.

Our Philanthropic Partners

CCI is supported by these important and generous partners:
Clarence Heller Foundation
Clif Bar
Colorado State University
Flora Family Foundation
Global Wildlife Conservation
Laird Norton Foundation
Leaves of Grass Fund
Mental Insight Foundation
Patagonia Foundation
Regenerative Agriculture Foundation
Sils Family Foundation
US Department of Agriculture, NRCS
Numerous anonymous donors

Carbon Farming Network Partners

As of January 2021, Carbon Farming Network members are working with agricultural producers and land managers in 41 of California’s 58 counties, encompassing the full diversity of the state’s climatic regions, ecosystems, and soils. CCI is now expanding carbon farm planning education and technical assistance to North Carolina, Wisconsin, Oregon, Virginia, and Hawaii and has provided advisory assistance in several other states. Learn more about the Carbon Farming Network.

Many thanks to all our partners and donors for supporting the advancement of our mission