Introduction – Why Carbon Farming and How Marin RCD Got Started – Nancy Scolari, Marin RCD


Carbon Farm Planning – How conservation approaches sequester carbon and improve climate change resiliency – Jeff Creque, Carbon Cycle Institute


How to include Carbon Beneficial Practices into conservation plans – Nancy Scolari & Lynette Niebrugge, Marin RCD


The COMET-Farm™ tool enables farmers and ranchers to estimate carbon sequestration and GHG emission reductions – Mark Easter, Colorado State University Natural Resource Ecology Lab


GHG Reduction and Carbon Sequestration Accounting Tools for Forest Practices – Tom Schott, Mendocino County RCD and John Nickerson, Climate Action Reserve


Local and State Policies and Programs for Carbon Farming and An Outlook on Climate Funding – Torri Estrada, Carbon Cycle Institute


Next Steps and RCD Carbon Farm Program Development Needs Inventory – Pelayo Alvarez, Carbon Cycle Institute

Carbon Farming Workshop 2015
Moderated by Pelayo Alvarez,
Carbon Cycle Institute
November 18, 2015

Download a workshop manual: CFP-training

Download a carbon farming brochure: carbon farming brochure-Nov2015-CCI