CCI has recently transitioned its founding board into a sustaining Board of Directors, below. We are honored to be working with our Board to continue to grow and refine CCI’s governance and leadership.

Rebecca Burgess

Rebecca Burgess, Board President, is the Executive Director of Fibershed. She has over a decade of  experience writing and implementing hands-on curriculum that focuses on the intersection of restoration ecology and fiber systems. She has taught at Westminster College, Harvard University, and has created workshops for a range of NGOs and corporations. She is the author of the best-selling book Harvesting Color, a bioregional look into the natural dye traditions of North America. She has built an extensive network of farmers and artisans within our region’s Northern California Fibershed to pilot the regenerative fiber systems model at the community scale.

Natasha Juliana

Natasha Juliana is the Owner/Founder of WORK, a vibrant coworking space and entrepreneurial hub in Sonoma County created to build a local community of professionals and provide a superior alternative to commuting. By enabling the exchange of ideas and knowledge between people in a wide variety of fields, she produces an atmosphere that is inspiring, supportive, and educational. Previously, she spent two decades in residential architecture and was a Certified Green Building Professional. As a parent, she seized the opportunity to contribute at her child’s school, founding the Green Team, running the Cool the Earth program, and serving on the Educational Foundation board. With a unique upbringing as child of the 1970’s back-to-the-land movement, she has an engrained sense of connectedness to the planet and a strong do-it-yourself foundation.

Richard Schorske

Richard Schorske is the Founder and Executive Director of EV Alliance, a public/private partnership to accelerate the mass adoption of Electric Vehicles in key regional markets in California. In this capacity, Richard developed a $4M “Bay Area EV Corridor Project” to provide hundreds of public EV charging stations throughout the region. He also co-founded the Bay Area EV Strategic Council to drive EV-friendly policies in Bay Area jurisdictions with key cross-sector leadership, including Mayors, CEOs of key business associations and EV-related industries, utilities, regional agencies, and NGOs. Previously, Richard was the founder and CEO of the Marin Climate and Energy Partnership, a collaboration of 11 municipalities within the County of Marin and key public agencies dedicated to advancing countywide GHG reduction targets aligned to California’s Global Warming Solutions Act (AB 32). Richard has considerable experience in workforce development and public education and holds a BA in History from Wesleyan University.