Carbon Cycle Institute

Our mission is to stop and reverse climate change by advancing natural,
science-based solutions that remove atmospheric carbon while promoting
environmental stewardship, social equity and economic sustainability.


Our programs include Agricultural Carbon and Carbon Cycle Literacy.

Agricultural Carbon

Seeking to reverse global warming by advancing the adoption of agricultural practices proven to sequester soil carbon and permanently remove atmospheric CO2

Carbon Cycle Literacy

Implementing a “Carbon Cycle 1.0” education and outreach strategy to promote carbon cycle literacy—targeting key constituencies, decision-makers, and thought leaders in the fields of climate change and sustainable agriculture

Strategic Partners

Our strategic partners include; the California Association of Resource Conservation Districts, Resource Conservation Districts, Fibershed and the Marin Carbon Project.

Marin Carbon Project

Achieving carbon sequestration in rangeland
and agricultural soils through research
and development of scalable, repeatable
“carbon farming” techniques


Engaging with small to mid-scale fiber producers and designers to support carbon cycle literacy and build a regenerative textile economy

Check out our newest report, Healthy Soils, Healthy Communities,
in partnership with Soil and Shadow, Food First,
and the Globetrotter Foundation.

Read or listen to the Capital Public Radio interview with Lani Estill of Bare Ranch. Carbon Cycle Institute collaborated on a Carbon Farm Plan for the ranch in 2015 and 2016.